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March 06, 2018

ACTION ALERT: Ask Congress to Protect Funding for Bicycling

On Wednesday, March 7, Ride Illinois led Illinois’ delegates at the National Bike Summit in Washington DC. We met with most of our U.S. House and Senate offices with three requests, each with a positive effect for multi-modal transportation that includes bicycling:

  • A new transportation bill has been proposed by the White House. We asked that the final bill will prioritize multi-modal projects and safety, build networks and close gaps, and provide funding control at the local level.
  • We asked that the “TIGER” program be fully funded in the budget. Instead of diverting its money for the new transportation bill, TIGER should continue to fund multi-modal (many including biking/walking elements), multi-jurisdictional projects that are harder to fund with regular transportation programs.
  • We asked our elected officials to support HR4241 – a small, pilot program to improve transportation planning through multi-modal “access” data.

Please take a minute to send an emailed letter to reinforce our in-person requests and let your representative know that biking and walking should be included in the transportation bill. Our influence relies on our numbers and every supporter strengthens our voice and ensures our message is taken seriously.

Please select transportation as your letter topic below.