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June 05, 2017

Bike-Friendly Roads in IDOT District 6 & 8

Ride Illinois’ member surveys tell us that your top priority for our work is bike-friendly roads. Over the past year, we have significantly increased our time spent reviewing upcoming IDOT roadwork to advocate for you. We are combing through the five-year plan for each of IDOT’s nine districts, one by one, selecting roadwork where bicycling needs are greatest and writing letters detailing our technical suggestions. Our requests provide recommendations for improvements that we feel are at an appropriate level for these projects.

On May 9th, we met with IDOT District 8 engineers to review our road project letters for the Metro East area and Southwest Illinois. We also broadly discussed road design issues ranging from paved shoulders and rumble strips to re-striping for bike lanes and bicyclists triggering a green light. While some progress was made and there was improved understanding of the needs of cyclists, the results for some resurfacing projects could be better. We need your help to reinforce our request to IDOT District 8, and let them know that local residents would like to see bike-friendly roads in their communities. If you live in District 8, please take a moment to sign our petition here and ask IDOT to implement our road design recommendations.

IDOT District 8 Letters:

This spring, we also sent input letters on 17 road projects in IDOT District 6, Springfield and Western Illinois, and we hope to meet with them soon. If you live in District 6, please add your name here to our call for more bike-friendly roads in your area.

IDOT District 6 Letters: