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February 08, 2018

Park Ridge Bike Plan Awaits Approval

Ride Illinois has recently completed a municipal bicycle plan for Park Ridge and the plan will be up for approval at the City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 12, 7pm at City Hall. If you’re a resident of Park Ridge, we hope you’ll join us at the city council meeting and voice your support.

The draft plan can be downloaded here.

With renewed ambition to become bicycle-friendly, the City of Park Ridge engaged Ride Illinois as a bike planning consultant in the spring of 2017. The project involves an update to the original bike plan Ride Illinois created for the community in 2005 which was never fully implemented. The new, revised plan includes better suggestions for the City’s bike network, as well as non-infrastructure campaigns that will encourage more Park Ridge residents to ride. Active Transportation Alliance partnered with us on the plan as a sub-contractor.