Sidepath Suitability form

This form rates the suitability of a sidewalk or sidepath as a bicycle facility. The algorithm was developed by the League of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB) for the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan of North Aurora, Illinois (pdf, see Appendix B), using concepts from AASHTO's Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities and the Active Transportation Alliance's Tech Sheet #1, "Sidepath Bicycle Facilities".

For a particular segment, please enter the information below.

Length of segment in miles
Residential Driveway Crossings
Minor (ADT<1000) commercial and road crossings:
Major (ADT>1000) commercial and road crossings:
Speed Limit of Parallel Road:
Traffic Volume of Parallel Road:
Level of pedestrian use:
Width of sidewalk/sidepath:
Are there any major gaps or abrupt ends?
Are there any missing curb cuts at intersections?
Are crosswalks appropriately visible?
Are all crossings brought close to parallel road?
Note:Results will pop up in a new window.

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