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June 03, 2023

‘I Can Bike There’ Campaign

Ride Illinois, Working Bikes and Pointz have collaborated on an exciting campaign centered on the simple, empowering phrase, “I can bike there.” The campaign aims to educate the public and encourage them to use their bikes for everyday trips and explore new routes, while celebrating those who already use their bicycle as a practical, sustainable mode of transportation.

Some of the photos submitted for the 'I Can Bike There' campaign

Illinois residents are encouraged to submit their photos and stories about their everyday trips by bike. Your photos and stories will offer encouragement to others to travel to common destinations via bicycle – the most practical, sustainable mode of transportation around!

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Why Bike for Everyday Trips?

For these reasons and more, we believe that the humble bicycle is the perfect vehicle for many everyday trips:

  • According to the US Department of Transportation, 87% of daily trips take place in personal vehicles and the average person takes four trips per day.
  • More than 45% of motor vehicle trips are three miles or less and the average bicycle trip distance is 2.4 miles according to the 2017 National Household Travel Survey.
  • The Centers for Disease Control reports that physical activity can reduce the risk of at least 20 chronic diseases and conditions and provide effective treatment for many of these conditions.
  • This recent article notes that, according to Kelley Blue Book and the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the average new car price at the beginning of 2023 is $49,388.

About the Campaign Partners

Ride Illinois

Ride Illinois is a nonprofit organization with a mission to make Illinois better through biking. The nonprofit organization is focused on bicycle advocacy, education, and awareness. Their efforts, programs, and events aim to make riding a bicycle in Illinois safer, more enjoyable, and accessible to all. For more information, visit rideillinois.org.

Working Bikes

Working Bikes strengthens local and global communities by giving donated bicycles new life and redistributing them as tools for self-determination. We work toward a world where everyone has access to bicycle transportation— whether in Africa, Latin America, or Chicago—and where bicycles are the most reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly transportation available! Since its inception in 1999, the amazing community of Working Bikes volunteers, staff, partners, and supporters have enabled new life for 100,000 bicycles across the globe and tens of thousands here in Chicago. Over one hundred thousand people have been empowered to access resources and opportunities that otherwise could have been out of reach – reducing waste, lessening pollution, and improving health in the process. For more information, visit workingbikes.org.


Pointz is a safety-focused mapping app that helps people on bikes, scooters, and other micromobility vehicles find better ways around cities. For more information, visit bikepointz.com.