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February 25, 2019

IDOT Road Project Reviews — All 9 Districts Complete!

Ride Illinois members have cited bike-friendly roads as their highest priority for our work. Over the past couple of years, we have significantly increased efforts to review individual Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) projects and to advocate for better bicycling conditions at the early, pre-design stages of this roadwork.

We have recently finished reviewing the five-year plans for all nine IDOT districts, finishing District 3 this month. We now have analyzed conditions and level of need for all upcoming IDOT road projects statewide. For 250 of those projects, we provided IDOT engineers with detailed technical suggestions that would improve bicycling safety and accommodations if incorporated.

There is currently momentum for a state capital bill. If such a bill is passed, many of these road projects will finally start happening; so, it is important that all of this information and recommendations are in IDOT’s project files now.


The letters are available through the links below.

District 3:

District 7: