Ride IllinoisRide Illinois

Mission & Vision

Ride Illinois is a nonprofit organization focused on bicycle advocacy, education, and awareness. Our efforts, programs, and events aim to make riding a bicycle in Illinois safer, more enjoyable, and accessible to all.

Our Mission

Ride Illinois’ mission is to make Illinois better through biking!

This mission requires several core, on-going activities, including:

  • Advocate for bicyclist safety and improved infrastructure
  • Build stronger, healthier communities through biking
  • Promote biking for a cleaner environment
  • Educate bicyclists and motorists on relevant laws

Our mission statement is short and memorable for everyone: board, staff, volunteers, partner agencies, and the public. Although aspects of the business may change over time, the mission is intended to remain strong with stable wording. The bullet points serve to identify the immediate and eventual functional activities.

Our Vision

Our vision is long-term. We will support the vision, so it intrinsically supports our mission. Vision grows out of our mission and magnifies it.

Ride Illinois strives to be:

  • The organization that is leading bicycle advocacy, education and awareness efforts in Illinois
  • The organization that is leading efforts to greatly reduce, and ultimately eliminate, bicyclist fatalities in Illinois
  • The organization that is helping Illinois become a top-5 Bicycle Friendly State
  • The organization whose efforts are making a bicycle an everyday option for personal mobility

Learn More

Check out our Overview & Fast Facts document document for a summary of Ride Illinois and our ongoing, important work.

We’re working to make Illinois better through biking so you can get out there and ride Illinois!