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Strategic Plan

The Ride Illinois Board of Directors is determined to build on 30+ years of accomplishments and become the go-to organization in Illinois for bicycle advocacy, education, and awareness. The Board developed a new strategic plan with assistance from a strategic planning consultant and staff, plus input from Ride Illinois members via a survey from 2022. 

Strategic planning is cyclical in nature and is constantly evolving. New issues will arise and strategies will change over time. A disciplined, strategic approach will increase the likelihood of accomplishing the goals in this strategic plan. We intend to prioritize strategies and track progress in order to remain focused on these long-term goals.

We acknowledge that the goals in the plan are audacious. They are also worthwhile and necessary. Achieving these goals will require time and and a coordinated, persistent effort involving many partners. We welcome your input, assistance, and patience as we make progress on this strategic plan.

Goal #1: Greatly reduce, and ultimately eliminate, bicyclist fatalities in Illinois

This goal is external-facing and of utmost importance. Safety for adults and children riding bicycles is at the core of this strategic plan. The strategies related to this goal include a focus on policy and legislation, awareness and outreach, and educating the public.

The graph below, provided by IDOT, captures fatalities on Illinois roads over the past several years. Bicyclists (aka pedal-cyclists) are shown in purple. Click the image to view more Illinois Fatal Crash Historic Data.

Goal #2: Increase revenue in order to increase impact

This goal is internal-facing and focuses on funding to increase the likeliness that we achieve goal #1. The strategies related to this goal include increasing revenue from a variety of sources and increasing awareness of Ride Illinois as an effective organization that is helping to bring positive change to Illinois.

Read the Strategic Plan

A summary of Ride Illinois’ strategic plan is now available. Click below to read the plan on Issue or click here to download a PDF.

Contact us at info@rideillinois.org with questions or comments related to this strategic plan.