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October 27, 2023

Ride Illinois Commits to National Roadway Safety Strategy

Far too many have come to accept traffic crashes as an unavoidable part of modern society. Ride Illinois is committed to breaking that cycle and to doing our part to end roadway deaths.

Ride Illinois has joined 123 other organizations and businesses across the country that are supporting the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) National Roadway Safety Strategy and their important Call to Action. We are proud to partner with USDOT on their National Roadway Safety Strategy. Click here to read USDOT’s press release.

Ride Illinois' Commitment

Ride Illinois is an Ally in Action for the National Roadway Safety Strategy. As an Ally in Action, we’ll have access to resources that USDOT has developed. We’ll collaborate with partners across the country to develop and implement solutions to reduce traffic violence on our nation’s roads – with a focus bicyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Ride Illinois is committed to redoubling our efforts and share how we are:

  • Taking steps to actively reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on America’s roads and streets
  • Expanding adoption of a Safe System Approach and a Zero Fatalities vision
  • Transforming how we as a nation think about road safety

The #1 goal in Ride Illinois’ Strategic Plan is to greatly reduce, and ultimately eliminate, bicyclist fatalities in Illinois. We’re fully aware that much needs to be done to achieve this important goal. Our staff and board are actively developing strategies that aim to greatly reduce bicyclist fatalities in Illinois. Support from our members and their willingness to amplify messages and contact elected officials will be key.

The Safe System Approach

The Safe System Approach has been embraced by the transportation community as an effective way to address and mitigate the risks inherent in our enormous and complex transportation system. A Safe System Approach incorporates the following principles:

  • Death and Serious Injuries are Unacceptable

  • Humans Make Mistakes

  • Humans Are Vulnerable

  • Responsibility is Shared

  • Safety is Proactive

  • Redundancy is Crucial

So, What's Next?

Over 1,200 people have died on Illinois roads annually since 2020. An average of 33 bicyclists have been killed annually during that timeframe. Unfortunately, the state is on pace to exceed 33 bicyclist fatalities in 2023.

Now the real work begins (and in some ways, continues). We’ll be working with partners such as advocacy organizations, elected officials, bike clubs and community organizations, USDOT, IDOT, businesses, our members, and others to determine next steps. Patience and persistence will be required as advocacy, education, and awareness efforts have an impact.

Ride Illinois alone is not capable of eliminating bicyclist fatalities in Illinois. Residents are encouraged to become local allies in action and raise concerns about traffic violence to their elected officials and decision makers. We’ll share updates and opportunities to get involved.

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