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Ride Illinois committees focus on making progress on the important goals and strategies included our Strategic Plan. Engaged, talented committee members who live in different areas of the state offer important input and perspective. Effective committees keep the organization focused on the present day and the future of Ride Illinois.

Committees and Committee Members

Executive Committee
Cynthia Hoyle (Chair) *
George Fero *
Jim Norris *
Linda Warner *

Advocacy Committee
Brendan Kevenides (Chair) *
Angela Brooks *
Deborah Liu *
Bill Chalberg
Blake Tarmann

Education Committee
Trevor Cottle (Chair) *
George Fero *
Charlie Saxe
David Kniker
Elizabeth Adamczyk
Larry Mysz

Events & Programs Committee
Linda Warner (Chair) *
Katie Ancell *
Mike Keating *
Kelly Butler
Kim Messina
Bill Bellman

Finance Committee
Jim Norris (Chair) *
Deborah Liu *
Bob Hoel
Joe Marchfield

Fundraising & Membership Committee
Ripujit Singh (Chair) *
Ginger Wheeler *
Jenny Kane *

Governance & Nominating Committee
Dick Westfall (Chair) *
Don Dirks *
Ripujit Singh *

Asterisk (*) indicates board member

Committee Application

Ride Illinois accepts applications for current members to serve on a committee. Descriptions of all standing committees can be found in this document. Also, see Article VIII of the Ride Illinois bylaws for important information about committees.

Applications are reviewed by existing committee members. The the board president makes final decisions regarding appointments to committees. Applicants will be informed of the board’s decision via email. Click the button below to apply.

If you are interested in learning more about Ride Illinois committees, please contact dave@rideillinois.org.