Ride IllinoisRide Illinois
April 14, 2022

30th Anniversary

Ride Illinois’ mission is to make Illinois better through biking! To celebrate 30 years of statewide, nonprofit bike advocacy, Ride Illinois created this 9-minute video that is part celebration, part interview, and part fun!

We are fortunate to have partnered with many wonderful individuals and organizations – some who are included in this video – since our incorporation in 1992 as the League of Illinois Bicyclists. Enjoy the video!

Ride Illinois Goals

We’ll take this opportunity to reiterate Ride Illinois’ main areas of focus:

  • Bike-friendly roads
  • More trails and improved trails
  • Favorable legislation and policies
  • Cyclist and motorist education
  • Share our love of cycling for recreation and transportation
  • Ranked in the top 5 of the Bicycle Friendly State rankings

As Ride Illinois embarks on our next 30 years of advocacy and education work, we invite everyone who rides a bike in Illinois for transportation, recreation, or both to join our #rideILcommunity by becoming a member! We aim to earn the support of individuals from all walks of life. We strive to increase the diversity of our members – in terms of race, age, sex, gender, socio-economic status, rural and urban dwellers, etc.

A bicycle truly is a vehicle for change. The more people that join us for the proverbial and actual ride, the greater impact Ride Illinois can have in the next 30 years. Let’s ride, Illinois!

30th Anniversary Video Credits

Thank you to the following individuals for their involvement in this video.

Video Production


  • Dave Simmons
  • Gina Kenny
  • Ed Barsotti
  • Maggie Czerwinski
  • Bill Chalberg
  • Tim Gustafson
  • Katie Ancell
  • Cynthia Hoyle
  • Delores Lucas
  • Kate Gilsdorf


Special thanks to Trevor Clarke and Josh Korrby from Working Bikes for allowing us to film at their location.