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May 31, 2023

Ride Illinois Adopts New Strategic Plan

The process of developing Ride Illinois’ new strategic plan took place over the course of six months and consisted of many collaborative meetings and strategy sessions. The effort began with the formation of an ad hoc committee, appointed by the board, in fall of 2023. The committee consisted of several board members, staff, and a strategic planning consultant with nearly 40 years of experience.

At their meeting on April 29th, the Ride Illinois Board of Directors adopted the new strategic plan that will guide the advocacy, education, and awareness efforts of the nonprofit organization for the foreseeable future.

In addition to developing the strategic plan, the committee affirmed Ride Illinois’ mission and enhanced the vision. Information related to mission and vision can be found at rideillinois.org/mission-vision.

Two Main Goals

The strategic plan includes two main goals – one that is external and one that is internal. Aligned with each goal are several strategies that Ride Illinois will use to focus energy, effort, and funding over time.

Goal #1 is to greatly reduce, and ultimately eliminate, bicyclist fatalities in Illinois. This public-facing goal will be the lens through which Ride Illinois views existing and future programs, initiatives, and events. Due to the number of bicyclist fatalities increasing in recent years, any and all efforts to reverse this alarming trend are worthwhile.

Goal #2 is to increase revenue in order to increase impact. Focusing on this internal goal will ensure that ample funds are available to fuel efforts related to goal #1. Progress on this goal will allow Ride Illinois to enhance or develop programs, events, and content related to bicycle advocacy, education, and awareness.

Get Involved

Ride Illinois invites all Illinois residents to get involved in whatever way works for you! With more adults and children involved, the greater the impact we can have for people riding bikes in our state.

A bicycle is a practical, inexpensive, sustainable, enjoyable way to get from point A to point B! We encourage you to hop on your bike for everyday trips and encourage others to join you.

Ride Illinois offers many options to get involved, such as:

Together, we are making Illinois better through biking…but there is much work to be done. The involvement, ideas, and assistance from Illinois residents from all walks of life are what will make a real difference over time. We hope you’ll join us on this important ride!

Dig Deeper

We acknowledge that the goals of the newly-adopted strategic plan are audacious. That is intentional because the goals are worthwhile and necessary! Achieving the goals will require time and and a coordinated, persistent effort involving many partners. We appreciate your input, assistance, and patience as we make progress on this strategic plan.

Visit rideillinois.org/strategic-plan to learn about the high-level goals and read a summary of the strategic plan.

Contact Ride Illinois at info@rideillinois.org with comments and questions related to the newly-adopted strategic plan.

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